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Before you begin, you might want to gather the following information and documents:

Researcher’s name, contact information, and university affiliation

Title and statement about the purpose of the research and why is should be conducted at CLP

The research questions to be addressed

A description of the target population and procedures to be followed:  who ?  how many how much time where compensation for subjects, if any ?

A copy of any instrument to be used and description of data gathering methods (File upload)

A student consent form to be signed and collected from all participants (File upload)

A short separate paragraph of the study’s objectives including researchers contact information to be emailed to all participating teachers (File upload)

A copy of approval or exemption from the University of Arizona Human Subjects approving the study (File upload)

If this is for a current UA class, include a copy of the course syllabus (File upload). If this is for dissertation research, IRB approval will be needed. Complete all appropriate forms at

Proposed dates of data collection.

Once you have all of these documents and are ready to go, click the button below to begin the application.

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